How I Brought Back Snow Days

The very best thing in the world is not chocolate or beaches or puppies or popsicles. It is snow days.

Growing up in Ohio, every winter my siblings and I would keep a sharp eye on the 10-day weather forecast. Whenever a rumor of a “big one” started circulating, we’d start crossing our fingers.

On the evening of every pending storm, we’d all take off our shoes, get into our pajamas, and go out into the yard. We’d then howl and dance in circles for our “snow dance”, doing everything in our power to convince mother nature to do us a favor.

The next morning, usually around 5am, we’d gather around the TV and flip from channel to channel to see which one was closest to the beginning of the alphabet. And then we’d hold our breath as we’d see schools flash across the screen, palpably sensing the cheers of lucky kids from across the region each time a new banner went by:

Ansonia Local Schools: 2 Hour Delay

Arcanum-Butler Local Schools: Closed

Bath Township Local Schools: Closed

(…..all the while we would pray to not see those most vile of words that meant that we were alphabetically passed over: “Bethel Schools 2 Hour Delay”)

We’d hold our breathe for what seemed like an eternity, and then it would be there, the most beautiful four words that will ever grace a TV screen:

Beavercreek Local Schools: Closed


We would let out a triumphal yell! We’d hug and jump out into the snow and shout a thank you to the benevolent sky. Then we’d go back to sleep, our obligations and homework for the day already complete, and wake up around 10 or so for a marathon of Super Smash Brothers, Settlers of Catan, hot macaroni, and igloo-building. Snow days were the greatest things in the world.


So I got to thinking recently, why all of this “were” business?

One of the best things about running my own company and being my own boss is that I get to choose when I get vacation days and how many I get. So the other day the boss and I had a company meeting to make some changes.

Most of my work is done from home anyways, so having snow isn’t really a prerequisite for a snow day anymore. So instead, I created a Snow Day Wheel! In most public schools there are 180 school days, and on a typical year you get 2 snow days and 4 two-hour delays. Thanks to a new little random spinner app I use called Decide Now, I’ve simulated just that.

Snow Day Generator


Now, every day when I wake up to start my work day, the first thing I do is spin the Snow Day wheel. If it lands on a Sorry, then I black it out and increase my odds of good fortune for the next day. If I spin a 2-Hour Delay, the work day starts after 2 hours of playing. If it lands on Snow Day, then I get the whole day off!


Snow days are officially back on!




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