What If Your Life Had Its Own Government?

About 4½  years ago I posed myself a question.

What if my life was managed and run like the U.S. government?

My 21-year-old self put together the following chart, complete with all three branches of government and a cabinet. Descriptions of each branch and the role of each of the cabinet members is listed below, verbatim from when I wrote them back in the day. Oh to be a college sophomore.

Besides the first lady (which was always my girlfriend at the time), I haven’t updated this chart since about 4 years ago. It was fun looking back and remembering who my best mates were at the time. I’m pretty sure that most of them had no idea that they were actually in my government…but that’s beside the point. Those who did know their positions did an excellent job.

Here it is!


My Government

Executive Branch

The executive branch carries out the life of Travis. President has extensive veto power. First lady has extensive swaying power.

Judicial Branch

Interpret the law and Travis’ decisions. Has no real power to enforce the law, but plays a large role in influencing and advising. Parents are the chief justices of the Supreme Court with uncles and grandparents serving in the lower courts.

Legislative Branch

Whenever Travis faces a major decision, the decision will be put to a vote. Majority vote is required from both chambers to be enforced. Travis may veto the results of any vote at any time. Members of the Siblings Senate serve life terms, while the members of the House serve two-year terms.


Secretary of State: Manages Travis’ foreign affairs in relation to recreation. Ensures that he is meeting new people and maintaining positive relations with his ward, classmates, friends, etc.

Secretary of the Treasury: Manages Travis’ finances and confirms that Travis is making money and staying within his budget.

Secretary of Defense: Principle defense policy adviser to Travis, particularly in his relation to girls. Protect him from creating or inciting anger in girls and thus receiving physical or mental ill-effects.

Secretary of Justice: Ensures that life is fair!

Secretary of the Interior: Ensures Travis’ “interior” self is nice and clean. Manages Travis’ spiritual affairs, moral dilemmas, and inner-conscience.

Secretary of Agriculture: Manage’s Travis’ diet and ensures he’s getting balanced and nutritious meals. Occasionally goes grocery shopping with Travis.

Secretary of Commerce: Informs Travis concerning potential trades and ways to increase his economic standing such as investments or stock market trades. Travis’ primary business advisor.

Secretary of Labor: Manages Travis’ relations with his job/boss. Helps Travis find new jobs when he’s looking.

Secretary of Health: Ensures Travis is exercising and keeping in good health. Is Travis’ “exercise buddy.”

Secretary of Housing: Ensures Travis’ house bills are being paid, his room is kept clean, lawn is mowed, etc. Helps Travis look for new housing when necessary.

Secretary of Transportation: Makes sure Travis has a car (his own or one to borrow). Makes sure Travis wears his seat belt and doesn’t get any tickets.

Secretary of Energy: Manages Travis’ energy (ensures he gets enough sleep/relax time to have energy for the rest of the week). Always looking for new potential sources of energy/relaxation.

Secretary of Education: Ensures Travis is doing his homework and getting straight A’s. Helps Travis determine which classes to take.

Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs: Manage Travis’ affairs relating to mission reunions/get-togethers. Must Be Taichung Mission Veteran.

Homeland Security: Protect Hancock family and Travis’ Ohio friends and possessions while he is away to school. Travis’ official Ohio agent.


And so, if you:

1. Are obsessed with the U.S. government

2. Have a little too much time on your hands

3. Don’t have enough time on your hands and need a little more micro-management in your life

Then you should set up your own!


You might just make someone’s day when you ask them to be your Secretary of the Interior.





Print and fill out your own!

My Government Template








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