Why Becoming a Father has Turned me into a Scientist

I’ve now been a dad for just under 7 weeks. We got a good one, and we think out little girl is the coolest thing in the world. Check her out!


Living with a tiny, mute, helpless human has turned me more into a scientist than ever before. Without realizing it, Holly and I now constantly employ the scientific method (8th grade science class, anyone?).


1. We ask questions

Why is she sad? why is she tired? why isn’t she eating? why the red bumps? etc.

2. We gather background knowledge

How did parents keep their children alive before the internet?

3. We formulate hypotheses

She slept better with this blanket last week, Mom ate Thai food yesterday, this shirt is made of polyester, etc.

4. We experiment

Let’s set the temperature at 68 tonight, let’s try the red pacifier instead of the blue one, let’s play her some Michael Buble before bed, etc.)

5. We analyze and conclude

She likes baths before bed, she likes her rocker instead of her crib, etc.


Constant questions, research, hypotheses, experiments, and analysis! Bill Nye would be proud.




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