Famous Buildings Made Entirely Of Jenga Blocks

The creative minds out there already know that Jenga blocks can should be used for much more than the tumbling game they were designed for.

Luckily, I work at a chill, creative ad agency and they don’t mind that I spend a few minutes each day building a new structure. Plus, my co-workers are usually the ones that get to knock them down, so everyone’s happy. Everyone’s a kid at heart with a little digging.

Below are 19 of the creations made by myself, and my co-worker Ryan, over the past couple of months. Each represents a famous building or structure from around the world.

All structures were created using ONLY Jenga blocks, from only ONE set.



1. Eiffel Tower

Jenga eiffel tower


2. Colosseum

jenga colosseum

3. CN Tower

jenga cn tower

4. Notre Dame Cathedral

jenga notre dame cathedral

5. Aztec Temple

jenga aztec temple

6. Greek Parthenon

jenga greek parthenon

7. Arc de Triomphe

jenga arc de triomphe

8. Empire State Building

jenga empire state building

9. St. Louis Arch (Squished)

jenga st. louis arch

10. Great Wall of China

jenga great wall of china

11. Igloo

jenga igloo

12. Leaning Tower of Pisa

jenga leaning tower of pisa

13. Rome Pantheon

jenga rome pantheon

14. U.S. Pentagon

jenga pentagon

15. Seattle Space Needle

jenga space needle

16. Mormon Tabernacle

jenga mormon tabernacle

17. Stonehenge (pre-destruction)

jenga stonehenge

18. The White House

jenga the white house

19. Tree of Life

jenga awesome buildings


Have a Jenga building to add to the list? Leave a pic in the comments!

6 Responses

  1. Franklin Ho
    | Reply

    nice buildings

  2. divya
    | Reply

    OMG please please please,! do more of these it’s so fun to make these

  3. […] Hankcock (2014) Famous Buildings Made Entirely Of Jenga Blocks [Image]. Available Online: https://travhancock.com/2014/11/famous-buildings-made-entirely-of-jenga-blocks/ [Accessed […]

  4. Charles Harper
    | Reply

    If you would help us more on building them, that qould be helpful. I try a lot of them for fun and they always fall.

  5. […] Credit: Travis Hancock […]

  6. Alex
    | Reply

    I made the wight house (Not the one shown on this), Iwould like to put mine on here

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