What If Your Life Had Its Own Government?

About 4½  years ago I posed myself a question. What if my life was managed and run like the U.S. government? My 21-year-old self put together the following chart, complete with all three branches of … Read More

8 Reasons Why Ants Make the Perfect Pets

1. They’re practically free. A tube of 30 ants costs $4.95 with free shipping. And they show up in your mailbox a couple days later. The ant farm itself? About $10. $15 covers everything! … Read More

Why We Don’t Actually Like Choices

The other night I had a dream. I found myself as a 20-year-old on a bus with a carefully-selected number of other kids my age. Think Enders Game. We were heading to Cape Canaveral for the big … Read More

Why Dating Gets Complicated After Marriage

Newlyweds find themselves in three distinct stages after tying the knot. 1. The Honeymoon Stage, which consists of a deep desire to be alone with your new significant other and have nothing to do … Read More

The Official Beard Virgin Guide

From age 1-13, I was physically unable to grow a beard. From 14-18, I had no desire to grow a beard. And, let’s be honest. It would have been patchy. From 19-25, I was … Read More

We Will Jump You

In this week’s inaugural Friday Rock Out Song of the Day, I had to go with a Mashup. Mashups are dear to my heart, and this will most certainly be the first of many. … Read More

Cement Squares

As I was walking into my apartment complex today, I cut the corner to my staircase and stepped on four cement squares. As I stepped on them, I didn’t break my stride at all. … Read More

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