Why Dating Gets Complicated After Marriage

Newlyweds find themselves in three distinct stages after tying the knot. 1. The Honeymoon Stage, which consists of a deep desire to be alone with your new significant other and have nothing to do … Read More

The Official Beard Virgin Guide

From age 1-13, I was physically unable to grow a beard. From 14-18, I had no desire to grow a beard. And, let’s be honest. It would have been patchy. From 19-25, I was … Read More

We Will Jump You

In this week’s inaugural Friday Rock Out Song of the Day, I had to go with a Mashup. Mashups are dear to my heart, and this will most certainly be the first of many. … Read More

Cement Squares

As I was walking into my apartment complex today, I cut the corner to my staircase and stepped on four cement squares. As I stepped on them, I didn’t break my stride at all. … Read More

Year26 Anthem

Yesterday I ran into a quote that said, “The older I get, the less I care about what people think of me. Therefore, the older I get the more I enjoy life.” I’ve fallen … Read More

Why You Are a Walking Contradiction

I’ve discovered that I am full of contradictions. I view myself as a social person. I’ve got more Facebook friends than anyone I’ve ever met. And yet, in most situations (class, the workplace, social … Read More

The Winner of Life

Let’s say that at the end of each person’s final birthday on earth, he (or she) receives a score for how well he did at the real game of Life. Who would score the highest? … Read More

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