Why Dinosaurs Are Overrated

The history of life exhibit in the Field Musuem in Chicago is divided into six major periods of earth’s 4.54 billion years. Last summer, as I walked through each of the six sections, skeletons of animals … Read More

Why You Should Stop Eating Vanilla Ice Cream

The Vanilla Virus is rampant. It’s already infected millions, and it may be getting worse.   It’s hit the event planners ordering T-shirts. “How many of each size should we get?” they ask. “I don’t … Read More

Why is Jack Always the Hero?

Has anyone ever noticed how many heroic characters in movies, tv shows, or books are named Jack? It’s a bit out of control.   To name a few: Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean) … Read More

The 5 Killers of Conversation

As our cyber world expands, we’re becoming more and more impatient, self-centric, and concise in the way that we communicate. This blog post alone is evidence. I’m not speaking face to face with any … Read More

What If Your Life Had Its Own Government?

About 4½  years ago I posed myself a question. What if my life was managed and run like the U.S. government? My 21-year-old self put together the following chart, complete with all three branches of … Read More

8 Reasons Why Ants Make the Perfect Pets

1. They’re practically free. A tube of 30 ants costs $4.95 with free shipping. And they show up in your mailbox a couple days later. The ant farm itself? About $10. $15 covers everything! … Read More

Why We Don’t Actually Like Choices

The other night I had a dream. I found myself as a 20-year-old on a bus with a carefully-selected number of other kids my age. Think Enders Game. We were heading to Cape Canaveral for the big … Read More

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