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The Rise of the Facebook Ode

Each year during the six month span between Christmas and Father’s Day, Holly and I go through a gauntlet of holiday expectations. During this six month stretch, society has made it quite clear... Read More

Joy and Longing: The Reason Why Christmas Works

When the question of “what’s your favorite holiday?” is asked, it’s often followed by something to the effect of, “…besides Christmas, of course.” Christmas is the holiday of holidays. As much as the... Read More

3 Words the English Language Needs

I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that in some languages humans developed a way to convey certain ideas, and in other languages there’s no equivalent. About a decade ago I learned Chinese... Read More

America’s Final Jeopardy Syndrome

You’re in 10th grade and your History class has just spent a week playing “American Presidents” jeopardy. You studied up and knew your stuff pretty well and you were your team’s MVP. On... Read More

Is Choosing to Have Kids Actually Selfish?

Having kids is a ton of work. There is no argument there whatsoever. Kids change everything. They lock you into their schedule, they suck away your time, they wreak havoc on women’s bodies... Read More