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What’s in a Name?

Nearly everything has been named by someone. Book? Kid? Company? Country? At one point someone declared that we would all call it something. But have you ever noticed how restrictive we are in... Read More

A Girl Named Holly

Holly is particular. There is nothing in our house that is not organized. No toy is without purpose, no utensil is without its place. As soon as something in the house no longer... Read More

4 Takeaways from Selling Our House

Last week we sold our first house. Here are some things that we took away from the experience.  1. It sure feels good to be a seller By now you may have heard... Read More

The Rise of the Facebook Ode

Each year during the six month span between Christmas and Father’s Day, Holly and I go through a gauntlet of holiday expectations. During this six month stretch, society has made it quite clear... Read More

Joy and Longing: The Reason Why Christmas Works

When the question of “what’s your favorite holiday?” is asked, it’s often followed by something to the effect of, “…besides Christmas, of course.” Christmas is the holiday of holidays. As much as the... Read More