The 10 Best Commercials From the Superbowl

There was a short period in my life when I dabbled into advertising and even did a few internships at some ad agencies (including the one that does the GEICO ads), so for a little bit I thought I’d be designing commercials for a living. That did not come to pass, but I’m still drawn to the “Commercials Super Bowl” each year, and I love to see the best work of the ad agencies and the companies they are representing. It’s also fun to think about how much money each company spent for a commercial slot, and the accompanying pressure to get it right. Always enjoyable watching which companies just burned millions of dollars (or even lost brand power) vs. the companies who put that money to good use.

To determine the top 10, each commercial was ranked on a scale of 0-30, with points coming from the following criteria:

Originality (1-10)

Have I seen this idea done before? Is it the same old thing, or a whole new spin on what a commercial can be?

Emotion & Effectiveness (1-10)

Whatever this commercial is trying to do (make me laugh, make me cry, make me stop and think), how well does it do it?

Brand Tie-in (1-10)

In a year from now will I remember which brand this commercial was for (even if it scored highly in the other two categories)? Did it make sense for the brand’s current position or desired direction?

Additionally, the commercial must air between the National Anthem and the final set of commercials after the clock runs out. These days companies create “Super Bowl” commercials for YouTube without actually airing them during the game on TV, and those do not count 🙂 It should also be noted that some of your favorites may not have made my top 10, simply because something about my personal background and biases gave certain commercials legs up.

Without further ado, here are the winners!


This was one of the best commercial years we’ve had in a while, in my opinion. I actually had a really hard time picking my top 10 so I cheated and added some special mentions below as well.

10. Dashlane Password Paradise. It could have been delivered/acted a little better, but they hit on the pain point of passwords and security questions really well. Fun skit with great brand tie-in and obvious message.

9. Hyundai Smaht Pahk. The cast (and their commitment to the Boston accent) was too charming for me to say no. They did a great job showing the new auto-park in action and demonstrating its appeal to city-dwellers.

8. McDonald’s Famous Orders. Fun idea to show the orders of famous people, players, and fictional characters. Something I haven’t seen done before and it kept me interested the whole time. Did a good job showing how much McDonalds has integrated its way into our culture. Everyone has their order.

7. Jeep Groundhogs Day. That final message of “no day is the same if you own a Jeep” was brilliant. Great brand tie in, entertaining, nostalgic. And surprisingly these are the only guys that took advantage of the Super Bowl being on Groundhogs Day!

6. Tom Brady Fake Retirement Hulu Announcement. I actually didn’t love this one in the moment (you could snitch a fake from a million miles away), but the buzz it generated beforehand with Tom’s cryptic pic and the reactions to the commercial afterwards were what won me over. Hulu worked it’s way into Tom Brady’s career/retirement narrative, which will be talked about for a long time. And therefore, Hulu will remain in that conversation.

5. Pringle Rick and Morty Cartoon. I’m not even familiar with Rick and Morty and the commercial didn’t even have a product announcement or grand message, but I just thought it was hilarious. Totally original and one of the only (if not the only?) animated commercials. And you know what, it made me want to go buy a bunch of Pringles and combo them to make new flavors.

4. Before Alexa. Obvious tie-in to the product reminding us of everything we use Voice Assistants for. Loved all the settings and meeting the different “Alexas” from history. One challenge that Alexa faces is that the commercial could have just as easily been for a Google Home or Siri, etc. Didn’t really show what is special about Alexa specifically. But still, well done and enjoyable!

3. Tide Later. They tried to take over the Super Bowl again. It wasn’t nearly as effective or funny as their 2018 “It’s a Tide Ad” campaign, but they told their message (stains can wait for later) and I loved when they surprised me and showed up during the Masked Singer ad and the Wonder Woman commercial.

2. Heinz 4-in-one. High points in originality for doing 4 commercials in one. Loved the message that no matter the situation or the trouble you find yourself in, Heinz will be there on the table and make you feel a little more at home. Good brand tie-in and loved the look and symmetry of each of the 4 stories.

1. Snickers Hole. It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure putting this at 1, but this is the only commercial of the night that had me and Holly literally laughing out loud in tears. When they sing “we have a dumb idea” and then drop a massive snickers into a giant hole we just lost it. The visual of feeding the earth to make it less bad is just genius. And then when the selfie people fall in to top it off. Great tie-in with their past campaigns of eating Snickers to be less angry/grumpy/whatever. Well done!

Close but no Cigar:

Rocket Mortgage: This was one of the funniest commercials and I really thought it would be in my top 10, but then afterwards for the life of me I couldn’t remember which company it was for. That diminishes the commercial’s benefit by a lot and it lost most points in brand tie-in. Watching it again I realize that he’s at home and Rocket Mortgage helps you buy a home, but the tie-in needed to go deeper.

Walmart Famous Visitors. This one wasn’t super creative, but the sheer number of movie references and cameos gives it special mention. It also did a good job of tying in the product they are trying to promote (picking things up at the curb, regardless of who you are).

Turkish Airlines Step on Earth: Love the idea of “we’ve been to the moon, but most of us haven’t left the country” idea, but it just felt a little underdeveloped. Right when this one started I was rooting for it, but then it didn’t really deliver.

Funny but too familiar: There’s a commercial that keeps showing up every year that includes a series of funny yet somewhat product-unrelated situations/phrases/sketches. And for some reason they each tend to involve a cubicled office? This year those commercials included the Cheetoh’s Can’t Touch This, Little Ceasar’s Best Thing Since Sliced Bread, and the Reese’s Take-5. All fun solid commercials, but low marks on brand tie-in and originality. I felt like I’d seen them all before.


10. Expensify rap video. Just hard to pass up Ben Wyatt in his accounting role from Parks and Rec asking for expense receipts and reports. Good job conveying what the product does and I loved the tagline at the end that says “You weren’t born to do expenses,” so you should focus on your core business.

9. Spiked Seltzer shark tank pitch. People love shark tank. It’s fun to meet the founders, hear about something too good to be true, and then see the sharks’ reactions. Clever way to pull all of that in and make us watch their shark tank pitch without even realizing it. Solid!

8. Michelob Ultra sounds and nature. The sound engineering on this was cool. Not a whole lot to the commercial, but the silence and the sounds they achieved caught my interest. Drove their point home well about Pure Gold being different from others and being more pure in some way.

7. Washington Post democracy dies in darkness. Certainly one of the heaviest commercials, but well done and felt important. Loved the shout-outs to the journalists who have died gathering the stories.

6. SimpliSafe world of fear. Really hit home with how we’re conditioned to be afraid of everything, and how there’s always some new thing to be “worried” about, like wheat bread. Tied in well with the brand. Only issue is that the commercial is telling me that there are so many things that I shouldn’t actually be worried about since we’re overreacting, but then it tries to sell me on a security system. Something was missing a little bit there on the end effect, but I still really enjoyed this one.

5. Google translate. Lots of warm fuzzies while Google still recognized that sometimes their tools are used for evil. I liked that they were just showing Google Translate and not Google as a whole. Good to narrow in on a cool feature like that.

4. Audi cashew near-death. What is heaven? Awesome electric cars. Message received. The look on the guys face that says “man, I wish I could stay dead and be with grandpa and that car” did it for me.

3. Hyundai elevator of misery. Loved how they conveyed that car shopping is even worse than root canals, the talk, jury duty, vegan dinner parties, etc. Made a lot of sense, great tie in to the new sales method they’re using. Solid!

2. Bud Light corn syrup delivery. Well done, super funny, and obviously got the message across that they don’t use Corn Syrup 🙂 I loved at the end when the enemy guy was like, “and just in case you missed it somehow, we use corn syrup!” Also, props for the Game of Thrones tie-in commercial. Love that they let the Bud Light knight get owned like that.

1. NFL 100 Year Anniversary banquet. Just too many legendary and current players to deny that that was an awesome commercial. Obvious brand tie-in, and would probably get anybody watching excited about year 100 of the NFL.


10. Avocados people freaking out about not having chips. Fun!

9. Verizon thanking first responders. Not great brand tie-in, but a really cool emotional idea of the rescued people calling their rescuers.

8. Sprint robots laughing at guy for using Verizon. They’ve been hammering this same “why pay double for 1% thing” for a while, but I thought they presented it well with the genius robots calling the guy out on it.

7. Kia Steven Tyler driving back in time. Not great brand tie in to Kia specifically, but a fun emotional moment when he steps out of the car and is young again.

6. Budweiser factory delivering water. Great emotional commercial tying into all the tragedies of the past year.

5. Jeep Wrangler driving through the river and up the waterfall. Just straight up cool seeing the car own the waterfall and not have anything else flashy or silly going on. Message received!

4. Michelob Ultra Chris Pratt as an extra. Comical, and I thought did a good job portraying the message that they wanted – that Ultra is for everyone. And come on, Chris Pratt is the best!

3. Rocket Mortgage guy translating everything for people and then handing a couple the Rocket Mortgage app. Had some really funny moments and really brought home the idea that the app will translate all the housing lingo for you. Nicely done.

2. Australia tourism fake movie preview. They got me! I totally thought the thing was a movie promo and then turns out they tricked me into wanting to go to Australia. Full marks for originality and good marks on effectiveness and brand tie in.

1. Tide, of course. They DOMINATED the super bowl ads this year. They spoofed every commercial imaginable and pretty soon I found myself thinking about Tide on most of the commercials. I felt so bad for the other detergent commerical (for Persil) came on, because right away I was like, “it’s a Tide ad!” Original, great brand tie in, great humor.










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