Year 27 Anthem

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Well, in the morning I’ll be 27, and the name of this blog will be rendered useless.

However, I’ve decided to keep the name and the website for the foreseeable future. Because hey, why not stay 26 for the next 10 years, right? 26 is a cool age. It’s clearly “adult” age, but it’s also clearly “mid-20’s” age, which is always a good feeling. Got the power, and the potential.

On this eve of my birth, I’ve decided to make John Mayer’s “Bigger Than My Body” my theme song for the year. Behold:


I chose this song for several reasons.

1. John Mayer is amazing.

2. This song is amazing.

3. This song really speaks to me. The chorus keeps talking of dreams happening “someday” and of being surrounded by pavement. It’s as if the singer (and everyone who puts themselves in the shoes of the singer) has been holding back on “flying” for so long, but he’s just on the cusp of making the jump. The energy of the song and all of the people passing by finally give him the push to get off the ground. The “someday” has finally come to soar.

I’ve thought a lot lately about how to best live life. I think there is a societally-induced tendency to be (pre-ghosts) Scrooge– saving coin after coin but never doing anything with the stacks of money. It’s the save vs. spend dilemma.

Now, I’m a big proponent of saving (just ask Holly). But I want to do a little more “spending” this year. And perhaps invent a lifestyle where spending and saving happens simultaneously.

I’m only 27 once, and I’ll only be kidless with my smokin hot wife for so long. It’s time to soar in this moment!


And so, in this year 27 I resolve to:

Travel to 9 countries

Complete a first draft of a historical sci-fi novel

Be in a play

Fundraise and launch the first edition of my board game

Live in a big city

Influence others through creation


Maybe I’ll tangle in the power lines
And it might be over in a second’s time
But I’ll gladly go down in a flame
If the flame’s what it takes to remember my name

Let’s do this, baby!



—-Also, just wanted to give a shout-out to my Buckeyes. National champs! I love being from Ohio. O-H!